Who We Are

Our professional staff has years of experience caring for families from all walks of life. We are leaders in our profession, with dedication to service and professional integrity.
  • Our History

    Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home was incorporated in 1936. Prior to Seaside incorporating, the area was known as the Aberdeen community, which was a farming community outside of Corpus Christi proper. The small cemetery was approximately three to four acres in size and it was not unusual for the cemetery to be surrounded by cotton or grain. The oldest known burial is in the Aberdeen Section dating to early 1900. Currently, Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home cares for 27,000 burials and entombments.

    W.R. Reid purchased the cemetery in 1938. Mr. Reid was a businessman and had other ventures throughout Texas. By establishing Corpus Christi heritage and legacy of its citizens, Mr. Reid's experience set a new era for the Corpus Christi area. His improvements to Seaside included: paving the cemetery roads, pre-planning sales, mausoleum property, granite and bronze memorials, as well as memorials that would honor veterans and reflect our faith(s).

    Two of the most noted additions to the cemetery were the construction of the Reid Mausoleum Chapel in 1962, and the construction of the Seaside Funeral Home in 1979. Although Mr. Reid spent many years planning the Funeral Home, he passed away a few years prior to its completion.

    During the mid-eighties to the early nineties, Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home would become a full service Memorial Park by adding the only crematory in the city of Corpus Christi, a garden mausoleum, a flower shop and additional cemetery sections.

    In 1993 Seaside continued its legacy of family-owned proprietorship with the transfer of ownership to four local families: Mintz, Nuss, Cottingham, and Zane. To reassure that Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home would continue to provide the highest quality services to the area and its citizens, the owners created a management team also with roots in Corpus Christi.

    Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home continues to grow by expanding its product selection, educating its staff in current trends, and providing special pre-planning packages and discounts. Through the vision and commitment of our professional staff, we also are committed to sponsoring community programs that honor our loved ones, remind of us of our cultural and personal heritage, and celebrate life.

    The legacy of Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home has continued by the construction of a new location: 2409 Baldwin Boulevard, Corpus Christi, Texas. Our other facility is named the Corpus Christi Funeral Home. Naming of the funeral home is in honor of the families in Corpus Christi that have entrusted their loved ones to us for over 60 years.

    Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home belongs to several related associations. We are members of the International Cemetery and Funeral Association, National Funeral Directions Association, Texas Funeral Directors Association, Texas Cemetery Association, and Cremation Association of North America. Having membership in these associations allows Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home the ability to offer the very best Funeral Directors, Family Counselors, Pre-Planning Counselors, and Cemeterians to the community of Corpus Christi.

Our Valued Staff

  • Mr T Mark Cooper
    Mr T Mark Cooper, Managing Partner

    Mark is the Managing Partner of Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home, Rose Hill Memorial Park and Corpus Christi Funeral Home. He began his career in funeral service in 1974. Mark graduated from the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science and worked as a funeral director and supervisor of funeral homes and cemeteries in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Mark came to Corpus in January of 2007.

  • Mr Alan R. Schnaufer
    Mr Alan R. Schnaufer, Assistant Managing Partner

    Alan is the Sales Manager and Assistant Managing Partner at Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home, Rose Hill Memorial Park and Corpus Christi Funeral Home. He has a Bachelors Degree from Oklahoma Panhandle State University, and a Masters Degree from Kansas State University. He began his cemetery and funeral service in 1995. In 2006, Alan came to Corpus Christi and was the General Manager and Sales Manager at Rose Hill Memorial Park. In 2007, he was promoted to his current position. Alan loves assisting families in their time of need. He works hard to provide the tools and training that his employees need to be successful and to assist each family they serve.

  • Ida O'Donnell
    Ida O'Donnell, Funeral Director

    Ida grew up in the Annaville/Calallen area and graduated from Calallen High School. She has been assisting families at Seaside & Corpus Christi Funeral Home since 2007. Ida is dedicated to helping families through one of the most difficult time in their lives.

  • Debra  Foster
    Debra Foster, Funeral Director

    Debra is a native of Corpus Christi, Texas. She is a graduate of Tuloso-Midway High School. Debra is a Graduate of Del Mar College-AAS she is also a Graduate of Commonwealth College of Funeral Service, AAS, Houston, Texas Sigma Eta. She was employed with Earthman Funeral Directors in Houston, Texas for 7 years. She came to Seaside Funeral Home and Corpus Christi Funeral in 1998 as a funeral director and family counselor. Debra is a Member of the Westside Business Association and a member of the Corpus Christi Black Chamber.

  • Consuelo  Rico
    Consuelo Rico, Family Service Counselor

    Consuelo has been with Seaside since 2007. She strives to give each family she serves all the knowledge and options they need to make informed decisions about their choices.

  • Lisa Danley
    Lisa Danley, Family Service

    Lisa began her career in cemetery service in 1998. She enjoys serving families and helping them see the benefit of making arrangements in advance. Lisa truely sees the value that pre-arranging makes in the lives of the families she serves. Lisa has 2 children and one grandson.

  • Diane Salazar
    Diane Salazar, Family Service Counselor

    Diane is one of our newer employees. She has been a great asset to Seaside. Diane enjoys assisting families make pre-arrangements and enjoys helping families make arrangements during their time of need.

  • Gloria  Suarez
    Gloria Suarez, Family Service Counselor

    Gloria has been in the cemetery funeral business since 2003. She has a passion for helping families see the importance of making prearrangments in advance. Gloria also assists families when they have experienced a loss. She takes pride in helping each family make decisions that will memorialize each individual in a special way.

  • Robin  Clair
    Robin Clair, Family Service Counselor

    Robin has been with Seaside a short time but is enthusiastic about serving families and helping them learn the value of prearranging. She is also dedicated to serving families who have experienced a loss.

  • Nancy Woods
    Nancy Woods, Receptionist

    Nancy had been with Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home for 16 years. She enjoys the interaction she has with the families we serve. She spends her free time enjoying her family.

  • Angela Ramon
    Angela Ramon, Admin Assistant

    Angela has been with Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home for 13 years. She is in charge of contract processing and helps the counselors complete paperwork to assist families with the burial of loved ones. Angela enjoys the interaction she has with all of the employees.

  • Mary Ann Loa
    Mary Ann Loa, Family Service Counselor

    Mary Ann is a native of Corpus. She has been in funeral/cemetery service since 2004. She is dedicated to and passionate about giving each family she serves the knowledge they need to make informed and meaningful decisions. Mary Ann is very dedicated to her family and to her church. And she enjoys being a grandmother.

  • Joey Allen
    Joey Allen, Community Relations/Ambassador

    Joey has been in the cemetery/funeral industry for many many years. Joey was the head football coach in Corpus Christi for many years and taught in the Corpus Christi school system until his retirement. He really enjoys assisting families make their pre-arrangements in advance so that it may help alleviate some of the burden the survivors face making all those difficult choices when they have had a death in the family.

  • Abel de la Garza
    Abel de la Garza, Family Service Counselor

    Abel began his career in the funeral/cemetery industry in 1999 at Seaside. He assisted families at Rose Hill Cemetery for a number of years before transferring back to Seaside in 2007. Abel values the time he spends providing assistance to families before and at the time of need.

  • Joseph  Resendez
    Joseph Resendez, Superintendent

    Joseph is the Superintendent of Seaside Cemetery and Rose Hill Cemetery. He has been in the cemetery industry for 16 years. Joseph is responsible for the cemetery grounds crew at both cemeteries. He enjoys the interaction he has with the families that visit the cemeteries.

  • Sheri  Roussel
    Sheri Roussel, Admin Assistant

    Sheri has been with the company for four years. She began as an attendant assisting funeral directors on services, and now works in the accounting departing. Some of Sheri's duties include: distribution of the interment schedule, providing counselors with the documents they need to assist families during their time of need, recording market share data, plotting and mapping cemetery property that has been sold, sending in Forethought contracts, researching and processing IOAs, deeds, cancellations and lots and lots of filing.

  • Stacy  Avist
    Stacy Avist, Funeral Director

    Anastasius (Stacy) Avist has been in funeral service for over 23 years. She is licensed in Louisiana and Texas. Stacy has been with Seaside Funeral Home since October 2005. She was a director in Louisiana and witnessed the devastation of Katrina. It was during that time that Stacy moved to Corpus Christi. Stacy enjoys helping families through the difficult times of losing a loved one. Each service is very meaningful to Stacy.

  • Roland Gonzales
    Roland Gonzales, Funeral Director

    Roland has been with Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home as a funeral director since 2006. He has been in the funeral industry for 32 years and at one time owned his own funeral home for 14 years. The greatest satisfaction Roland receives is when a family thanks him for helping them in their time of need. Roland has 3 children and 2 grandchildren that he enjoys spending time with.

  • Janie McGraw
    Janie McGraw

    Janie McGraw is an administrative assistant for Seaside Funeral Home. She has been employed with the company since April of 1995. Janie assists the funeral directors in all administrative clerical work. She has lived in Corpus Christi all of her life. Janie has been married for 20 years and has three grown sons; two of them are still at home; two step-children and 6 grandchildren all of whom she takes great pride in. Janie enjoys reading, walking down the beach, swimming, dancing, spending time with her sons and taking her grandkids to the park. She loves to spend time with her family eating out, watching movies at home or just hanging out together.

  • Barbara Cooper
    Barbara Cooper, Admin Assistant

    Barbara joined Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home in April 2007. Barbara is responsible for the orders of the memorials and monuments. She also assists in many other administrative functions. Barbara loves the interaction she has with families. She enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and with her westies.

  • Norma  Morlett
    Norma Morlett, Office Manager

    Norma Morlett has been the office coordinator for Seaside Memorial Park and Funeral Home since 2007. She was previously the office coordinator at Rose Hill Memorial Park for 19 years. Norma is married and has three children.

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