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Mason Tristan Resendez

June 13, 2018 ~ July 18, 2018
We are gathered here today in the memory of me, Mason Tristan Resendez, mommy's & daddy's little baby. This is a different kind of eulogy I will be talking about myself and the many obstacles I have gone through, so that together we may acknowledge and share both our joy in the gift that my life was to us, and the pain that my passing brings. In sharing the joy and the pain together today, may we try to let go of my pain and remember more clearly the joyous moments I brought to my mom, dad, my grandma's, tia, tio's and cousin's . I was only 1 month and 4days when I decided to let go Wednesday July 18th. It was hard to say goodbye to both my parents and family but how hold on when the pain was killing me alive. Not only did I need more time, but I needed less pain, but with that pain I brought joy. Perhaps that during the time we had, we had spent more time together and not have had everyday visits. I wished for my life had not been lost to my illness, that things would've been different for me, for us. My parents and family stand here today with a broken heart. The loss of I, Mason Tristan Resendez, their baby, is something no one is ever prepared for even through the past week under insurmountable odds, they tried to prepare themselves and me myself I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. And I assure they aren't either. The ways i touched our lives will remain, and I ask you to keep those memories alive by sharing them with my family and with one another. This isn't goodbye forever, but it's goodbye for now mommy daddy I love you both with endless love I will watch over you and guide you to happiness and remind you that as your little Baby is free my small little hands will touch you and cuddle with you until soon enough you're ready to live again but live with a memory of me. I’m free mama I’m free daddy please for me stay free with your souls open and enjoy life so when I play I’m able to travel and when night fall comes I'll fly back home and all our souls will sleep until y’all fully meet me in heaven. I love you.

-Mason Tristan Resendez
June 13th 2018 – July 18th 2018

Born with rare birth defects pentalogy of cantrell & omphalocele defined odds until called home.
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